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Xbox Avatar App Coming to Windows 10


Xbox Avatar App Coming to Windows 10

Could this be the new Clippy?

Love them or hate them, the little customizable figures are coming to Microsoft’s Windows 10. Avatars, which were very prominent on the Xbox 360’s dashboard, are less so on the Xbox One.

The App will allow you to alter your existing Avatar or make a completely new one. Purchases can be made through the Avatar store, and all changes will be shared with your gamercard. Any changes made to your Avatar will appear on your Xbox consoles.

This news was released by Xbox Live’s director of programming, Larry Hryb, aka “Major Nelson”. He Tweeted the following:

He went on to say that if you are a part of the Windows 10 Preview program, you can try out a version of the app right now. Although the app is not completely finished, it’s basic functionality is in place. One section of the app called “Photobooth” is not currently available however.

Mark Guim of Windows Central uploaded a quick first look of the app, running on what appears to be a Microsoft Surface device.

This announcement comes alongside news that Microsoft will focus more on first-party games this year at E3. 


How do you feel about avatars on your desktop? Sound off in the comments. 

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