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This Writer Makes Beautiful Poetry in Bloodborne Notes


This Writer Makes Beautiful Poetry in Bloodborne Notes

It’s poetry slam night in good ol’ Yharnam tonight

A prominent game element in Bloodborne and the Souls games is the ability for gamers to use a select group of words and phrases to leave notes around the game environment for other players to encounter and read. The content of these notes can vary: some players provide useful hints and tips, some use it to deceive, and others use it to entertain and amuse. For Bloodborne fan and writer Natalie Zed, the notebook system is all about writing and sharing poetry.

Zed has started a Tumblr blog called “Fine or Foul: Bloodborne Poems” which collects and blogs the various poems she has constructed within the in-game notebook system, and has kindly left for players. It is equal parts humorous, witty, deep, sarcastic, somber, epic, melancholic, and snarky.

In the more recent posts, Zed has encouraged players to screen capture and retweet any Bloodborne poetry they come across with the tags #bloodbornepoems and #fineorfoul. And there’s no reason why you can’t draft and post poems of your own! In addition, a talented fan by the name of Matthew Gallant has created a Twitter bot called Yharnam Notes in honor of Zed’s quirky project.

Take a look at just a few of the poems Zed has to offer.

Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne

Which ones are your favorite? Have you tried making your own poems? Feel free to share with Zed’s Tumblr and below!

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