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Why the Man Behind Deus Ex's Adam Jensen is "ticked"


Why the Man Behind Deus Ex's Adam Jensen is "ticked"

Elias Toufexis, the actor behind Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen responds to premature leaking of Mankind Divided.

When Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was unceremoniously leaked to the public ahead of schedule, it was sure to ruffle some feathers. Marketing teams go to great lengths to orchestrate monumental, and often elaborate, announcements to gain the largest amount of eyeballs, the greatest viral trends and ultimately the most attention.

Publishers and game developers want to showcase their product for the world to see. And why not, a new entry in the revered Deus Ex franchise, and a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Human Revolution is exciting and bombastic news.

Unfortunately for Deus Ex Mankind Divided, this was not the case, and it doesn’t sit well with at least one of the integral member’s of the game’s cast.

“I’m still kind of ticked that it got leaked early.” said Elias Toufexis, actor and voice behind series protagonist Adam Jensen, in an exclusive interview with Twinfinite. “The marketing team took me through their whole reveal plan and it was a wonderful way to introduce the trailer,” he continued. “After all that, someone let everything slip.”

Deus Ex

Elias Toufexis (left) – Adam Jensen (right) – you didn’t ask for this caption.

Originally planned to make its debut in the pages, and cover, of the May edition of Game Informer Magazine, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was prematurely revealed through a leak of information and images on NeoGAF, via a Google cache for the Russian Kotaku.

While Elias isn’t exactly thrilled about the way things panned out initially, he seems to be moving forward, choosing instead to focus on the silver lining positives that followed.

“I’m ecstatic about how it’s being received.” remarked the actor, in response to the official and planned release of Mankind Divided’s official trailer that the followed the data leak. “Millions upon millions of views and almost all of them with an incredibly positive reaction.”

The entire Q&A with Elias Toufexis, or Adam Jensen if you’d prefer, will go live on Friday April, 17 – so check back tomorrow to read more.

In the meantime, check out our list of ways that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Can Avoid the Mistakes of Human Revolution.

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