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The 6 Best Video Game Pranks of This Year's April Fools


The 6 Best Video Game Pranks of This Year's April Fools

Game devs, don’t be a tease. Make all of this real and we will love you forever and ever.

A Dancing Zombie Hitler… Because Why Not?

Rebellion Developments, the makers of Zombie Army Trilogy, announced what they claim to be as “the next EVIL-ution of dance games!” Their new game Zombie Army THRILLogy is a Nazi Zombie-themed spinoff dance game. In this game, you will dance your way through the front lines and to ultimate victory with none other than Zombie Hitler. Did you see those “Thriller” dance moves??? The Allied forces, and that pitiful and weak display they call “dancing”, doesn’t stand a chance!

I’d like to think the dance playlist would feature such as songs like Johnathan Coulton’s “re: Your Brains”, Klaypex & Kings High’s “Brains”, and The Nearly Deads’ “Never Look Back.” Be sure to look out for this game coming to an arcade and (un)living rooms soon – and by soon, I mean never!

For more information on Zombie Army Trilogy, check out Ishmael’s review, and Yami & Ishmael’s Let’s Play video!

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