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Try Playing Bloodborne Using These 5 Unconventional Methods


Try Playing Bloodborne Using These 5 Unconventional Methods

Let’s make this more interesting, shall we?

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Bloodborne Drinking Game – You’ll Be Drinking Blood, Souls, and Booze All at Once!

bloodborne dark souls drinking game

Bloodborne and the Souls games each have a multiplayer mode which can create mixed results. Either you get invaded and killed by other players, or the summoned players happen to be friendly (or actually are your friends logged on at the same time) and assist you with the events of the game. What if some of your friends are not gamers? What if they never heard of Dark Souls or Bloodborne? How do you make it fun for them? Easy – you make a drinking game out of it!

This is exactly what the folks at Kotaku decided to do at the release of Bloodborne. To make things more interesting, the rules were set up in a specific fashion to make the game even more challenging than before, or to force the player to radically adapt their play-style. In a devious sort of fashion, the drinking game becomes quite strategic as it can be played to specifically screw over your friends, while keeping you sober enough to laugh at their expense. Here is the complete list of the rules drawn up for the Bloodborne drinking game:

  • If you die, take three drinks
  • If someone who doesn’t like or play Souls games kills any single enemy, take a drink.
  • If you use a health vial, take a drink.
  • If you use your gun, take two drinks.
  • If you pull off a visceral attack, everyone else takes a drink.
  • If you reach a new lamp, everyone has to finish their drink.
  • If you fall off of a ledge, take a shot.
  • Alternate: if an enemy falls off a ledge, assign a shot to someone else.
  • If you throw a molotov cocktail, it’s a waterfall. (That means the person who threw the molotov starts drinking, then the next person starts drinking, all the way down the line. You cannot stop drinking until the person in front of you is done. Good luck!)
  • If you defeat a boss, everyone has to take a shot of the victor’s choosing.

Another drinking game to be mindful of is Drinking Souls – Dark Souls Drinking Game. Created by, the game is completely customizable. The website generates a list of rules based on a questionnaire that you take once you enter the site. It asks you initial questions like how many players will be present, whether this is your first time playing Dark Souls, and whether or not you will you engage in PvP mode.

Other questions set up fiendish ways to punish your liver just as much as the game punishes your character, such as “Are any of the players prone to Rage Quitting?” or “Is any player prone to using catch phrases/quotes (ex.: “Like a Boss”).” I took the questionnaire myself, and oh god – the rules are terrible to behold. I won’t spoil the surprise if you have not played or seen before – the only way to find out is to grab a group of your friends and play!

As always, please drink responsibly and take care of your friends who will embark on this journey with you.

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