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Is It Worth Transferring Your GTA V Save Data to PC?


Is It Worth Transferring Your GTA V Save Data to PC?

To transfer or not to transfer, that is the question.

The time is finally upon us, PC owners. Graphics drivers are updated to get the most from our cards. Hard drives are opened up for 65GB of GTA V. Vacations have been booked from work. Significant others have been informed that our time may be a little less open for the coming days. A fistful of takeaway menus sit at arms reach and the cat’s been given strict instructions to leave you alone, not that he’ll listen because Mittens is an asshole. As one we sit ready and waiting for a journey into Los Santos on PC while a single question burns in our collective conscience.

Do we bring over our old saves from those little consoles, or forge our own path?


This isn’t something new in the world of gaming. Other recent remasters like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Toukiden Kiwami, even the old stalwart Call of Duty with it’s time-travelling Prestige system allow us to bring past experience forward into a new game. For many the question is a simple one to answer. After all, that saved progress might not be available without repurchasing titles from days gone by or lost in the mire of new accounts. GTA V is a different animal though thanks to the Rockstar Social Club.

All progress is stored on the cloud in a stat-lovers dreamworld. Favored weapons, character levels, cash totals, the works are available at the click of a button. Being faced with the opportunity to pull you collected online history into a new dawn on an untapped platform is something that’s more uncommon than a flying pig or a McDonald’s burger that doesn’t reduce itself to a huge mess whilst trying to eat it.

After what may be hours or even days of vacillating over whether engage a saved data transfer or not in GTA V the time has come to make your choice.

GTA V First Person game

If you’ve got members of your crew who will be joining your journey into a new age of GTA V on PC, the temptation of bringing all of that progress forward is almost too difficult to resist. Why go from level 79 to level 1 when everyone you’ll be doing this with has already been working hard to progress. It’s this situation that really is one of the definite times when transferring progress is a great idea. Dropping back into the fun right out of the door without having to go through the rigmarole you did before will make things easier for you and your colleagues in crime.

Same also if you’ve indulged in the art of microtransactions. Having hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars banked in your accounts come along for the ride makes complete sense if you had to pay with actual money for some of it. GTA V on PC is already an expensive venture at $59.99. Going further to give up on that $20 you spent for an extra couple of million in the bank just for a fresh start may be counter intuitive. It’d mean that, in theory, moving to GTA V on PC cost you $79.99 rather than the usual asking price.

Grand Theft Auto V, GTA V

Without these two criteria being fulfilled though, getting a completely new life in GTA V on PC might not be the worst idea.

Fresh starts are often the stuff of dreams. In everyone’s past, mistakes have been made that may haunt us until this very day. Now a game isn’t going to fix that, but seeing the sun blazing across the horizon with fresh eyes is a dream we can’t always make happen in reality. GTA V is a fantasy world, a rare chance to take a new shot at life.

GTA V‘s PC venture promises improved graphical fidelity as yet unseen by those playing on console. Assuming you’ve got the rig to run the game at a quality higher than that seen on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, there’s going to be a huge chest full of improved sights just waiting to be taken in. If you’ve already finished the game, it’s going to be harder to take in these sights with the same luster as if you’re taken to them by standard progression or just wandering around trying to get some cash.

GTA Online

These improved visuals alone go a long way to making a case for scrapping whatever old data exists, opening the gates for an experience untainted by the knowledge that you don’t technically have to indulge yourself in it. Darting your eyes left and right in search of threats is a much more absorbing way to take in upgraded visuals than simply flying around in your $2 million helicopter with a map and a checklist. For some of us, taking familiar steps in a somewhat unfamiliar world is going to be a driving force behind the decision not to carry over.

Of course middle grounds do exist here. Those who’ve only dipped their toes into GTA V on consoles may still find benefit in bringing over older data. The game will all feel just as new after not touching it for several months or even a year. Same goes for people who may have little time to actually play the game, making the opportunity to not waste those precious hours already spent in this world one to be grabbed with both hands. Maybe you just really really like that car you got. They’re all viable. No one out there can tell you what to do, these are just points to consider.

GTA Online

Many of you out there may not have entertained the idea of a fresh start after spending hundreds of hours in Los Santos previously. Many of you may also have no even considered the prospect of bringing save data forward. This really isn’t here to tell you what to do. It’s more of a reminder. A friendly tap on the shoulder and whisper in the ear to consider your options before starting down the road to infamy in GTA V.

It’s much easier not to regret a decision in hindsight if you’ve taken the time to consider it. There’s still a few hours left before the game unlocks so do yourself a favor and mull it over for a moment. GTA V and your save data will still be there when you come to a conclusion.

So what do you intend on doing? Intent of giving it a fresh go, or are you unwilling to part with all of your criminally earned loot? Let us know in the comments.

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