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This War of Mine's Awesome Charity Campaign Helps 350 Refugee Children


This War of Mine's Awesome Charity Campaign Helps 350 Refugee Children

Gaming can also help.

When This War of Mine came along, we were both amazed and shocked at how different its approach to war was. Instead of focusing on soldiers, territorial conquer and blowing stuff up, it actually showed us the less heroic and far more devastating side of said conflicts. In other words, besides being a way of entertainment, it was also trying to teach us something.

The really good news is that This War of Mine’s efforts have now gone way beyond tough teachings about reality. By creating a special charity DLC, called War Child DLC, 11 bit Studios and the gaming community were able to help people in situations pretty much like the ones depicted in the game. Every purchase of this additional content was 100% destined to helping War Child on its amazing objectives.

As stated on 11 bit studios’ blog, all the money raised by This War of Mine players who bought this DLC effectively helped 350 refugee children from Syria in places across Iraq and Jordan. More specifically, gamers’ money was used to provide child-friendly spaces, psychological support and non-formal education. A sincerely great and necessary cause.

Moreover, there was even more to this amazing charity effort. The actual War Child DLC content, a set of unique street art pieces, was a collaboration by different artists from all around the world. This means players not only made a difference in the lives of people in dire need of help, but they also got to enrich their gaming experience with art.

This War of Mine is actually doing a lot to generate social change, and having this kind of campaign sure makes the gaming industry a lot better. Even though it’s the smaller effort of them all, knowing your money can help, even on the smaller things, is good enough. For more information on the War Child DLC campaign, check this official infographic.

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