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Steam Has Shattered Its Active Players Record


Steam Has Shattered Its Active Players Record

Letting off some steam on Steam is making the numbers all steamy.

Being the go-to digital distribution and social platform for PC gamers across the world, Valve’s Steam service often has millions of players using it each and every day. The service already set a new record just last month with 9,068,014 online at once. Now Steam can put another notch in its belt as that record is smashed in less than 30 days.

Yesterday, April 12, saw the amount of concurrent users on Steam hit a never-before-seen peak of 9,168,454 users. That is a leap of just over 100,000 users online at once since last month. The new record was set between the hours of 10 and 11am PDT.

It is likely that this came about as players from Europe were still awake and gaming, as their American counterparts were just waking up to get a day of play under their belts.

The games that all of these people were playing is likely going to explain why this happened. DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were the heavyweights of this record, with 851,707 and 537,157 users respectively. Across the rest of those games being played the most we find titles like Team Fortress 2, Football Manager 2015, Warframe, and even H1Z1 with 21,125 concurrent players at the time in question.

Steam as a service is growing to be even more of a giant than it was before, interestingly on the back of several free to play games, a much-loved shooter, and the desire to manage your very own sports team.

It’s likely that Steam will continue to grow in user numbers so don’t expect this record to stick around for long.

All of this information and more can be found on the service’s Steam & Game Stats page.

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