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10 Star Wars Battlefront GIFs to Get You Excited for November


10 Star Wars Battlefront GIFs to Get You Excited for November

Search your feelings.

Star Wars Battlefront finally has a confirmed release date of November 17th, 2015. To mark the occasion, a beautifully rendered trailer dropped out of hyperspace and into our laps only a matter of days ago. While the whole trailer is filled with many frames of unbridled awesome, there were enough standout moments to fill a cargo hold. Each one has the power to get you excited deep down inside for Star Wars Battlefront so here are 10 of them collected in GIF form to feast your eyes upon.


This one GIF has enough detail nestled deep inside for a whole double page spread. Since we don’t have amount of real estate, let’s condense it down a little. You’ve got a Sullustan rebel soldier launching themselves into the sky with a jetpack, blowing that AT-ST to kingdom come with more than a taste of Titanfall. Worthy of particular mention is the shield generator from which the trooper leaps. Elements like this are going to add a whole heap of tactical options to Star Wars Battlefront.


TIE Fighters scream through the air only to be shot down by that signature starship of the whole franchise that is the Millennium Falcon. They’re springing from what looks like an Imperial Hanger on a planet oddly reminiscent of one that’s been seen in the universe before. Those rivers of lava and the black, sandy ground have the distinct flavor of Mustafar —  the planet upon which Obi-Wan and Anakin battled in Revenge of the Sith. You can almost feel the sulfur in the atmosphere burning your eyeballs.


That red glow and the glove that holds the lightsaber can mean only one thing; Darth Vader’s in town. Having seen the initial trailer for The Force Awakens though, you do find yourself gazing at the GIF trying to spot the moment where the internet-breaking hiltsabers screech into life.


Rebels are dashing through the forests in support of their comrade. The 74-Z speeder bike never seemed to get enough screen time in the movies so seeing it return in Star Wars Battlefront warms the heart. Not as much as it warms the heart of that stormtrooper though. You know, the one that ate a laser up the backside only to enter into a close yet brief relationship with a tree.


More 74-Z’s zipping through the trees. This is all apparently rendered in engine. If that’s the case, then we’re going to place bets that the fallen tree trunk is going to be the death of many a stormtrooper.


Is it just us, or does the sight of an exploding AT-AT make your heart sink. The Empire isn’t exactly known for its sentimental side, but come on, watching that big hunk of armor explode just fills you with sadness. Unless of course you’re a member of the Rebel Alliance. Still, it’s shiny as all hell.


Now there’s something we never really expected. Normally in large-scale combat games, a destroyed vehicle simply explodes into fragments and disappears. If the huge and heavily armored form were to crash down in Star Wars Battlefront , it could actually be used as cover by an Empire counter attack or the Rebel Alliance trying to punch through enemy lines.


The moment you saw Vader’s head you started humming the Imperial March so loudly, didn’t you? Bringing Darth Vader down onto the battlefield is an exciting prospect in every conceivable fashion. Also, lightsabers.


Hold up. did Boba Fett just shoot that TIE Fighter out of the sky while hovering on his jetpack? You have our permission to squeal with glee. Also, the sight of Boba in Star Wars Battlefront can set only one question running in the minds of many: could his signature Slave-1 ship make an appearance too?


Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes. Star Wars Battlefront is bringing the war back to Hoth once again. T-47 airspeeders spearing through the air towards AT-ATs. This is the stuff of dreams. The images we all had etched into our collective minds as children after first watching Return of the Jedi. So many players are going to end up eating an AT-AT’s knee trying to recreate their favorite move. Their constant deaths won’t matter though because when it works, it’s going to be amazing.


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