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Square Enix Has Something up Their Sleeve This Monday on Twitch


Square Enix Has Something up Their Sleeve This Monday on Twitch

Fingers crossed it’s the new Sleeping Dogs.

Square Enix tweeted out a little tease that they’ll be streaming on Twitch this Monday, April 6th. They hype it as a “3-day interactive experience” from one of their Western studios with the lower left-hand corner branded as “Project CKP.”

Why do you this to us, Square Enix? Now we’ll be spending the weekend just wondering what you could mean! Let’s go down a list of the Western studios Square Enix could be talking about. A new Deus Ex to show us the light? The new Sleeping Dogs to bring us the utmost life? Are they tired of Hitman Go’s money and want to bring a new one to consoles? Why is there a creepy dentist’s chair in the tweet?

What could they be showing? How could it possibly take up three days? There are so many questions that arise; guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out. Leave a comment down below telling us what you think!


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