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Sony Executive Valiantly Takes on Bloodborne and Dies Repeatedly


Sony Executive Valiantly Takes on Bloodborne and Dies Repeatedly

A for effort, Kawauchi-san!

Ganbatte kudasai, Kawauchi-san! That’s “good luck, Mr. Kawauchi” in Japanese. And my goodness, does he need it.

In a Youtube video originally released on April 6th, 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea executive, Shiro Kawauchi, attempts to do a playthrough of Bloodborne. As expected, he dies many, many times.  Despite the video being in Japanese (with Korean subtitles), viewers do not need foreign language fluency or literacy to understand and empathize with our struggling hero. With every death, and every dreaded “You Died” message that scrolls across the screen, the telltale reactions of sighs, groans, howls of pain, and burying one’s face into his hands is instantly all too familiar.

We feel your pain, Kawauchi-san. Your selfless sacrifice to entertain us for 8 minutes and 31 seconds will not be in vain.

Lastly, who else thinks that Kawauchi-san should create a running Bloodborne livestream series? Of course, an acclaimed Sony executive such as him may have slightly more important and pressing items on his agenda – but one can dream, ne?

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