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Screencheat Coming To Consoles


Screencheat Coming To Consoles

The incredibly inventive second-person shooter is coming to consoles, find out the details here…

Samurai Punk have announced that second-person shooter Screencheat will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2015. The Australian-based development company have had major success of the original release on Steam due to its unique and addictive gameplay. Players are forced to screen-cheat with their friends in order to find each other and shoot them, encouraging the use of cheating in an imaginative and quirky way. Players will always screen-cheat on 4 player co-op, and now it is actually allowed!

Screencheat will be launched with 10 different guns with completely different abilities and uses for the player. Some guns, like the Blunderbuss are effective at close range whilst the Sörgeån has a much longer range. Players will have to adapt to these different weapons, and each is a one-hit kill…but if you miss your position will be immediately revealed, so pick your shots wisely!

Screencheat will launch with 10 different maps including a variety of environments with distinct landmarks to help find your opponents. Game modes range from the classic Deathmatch to the more unique Cluedo Mystery that add to an inventive customization system within the game. Screencheat can be enjoyed locally and also online where you will see the other players screens as if they were next to you.

You can read the full Playstation 4 release here.

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