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Rockstar Games Discounted by up to 80% in Humble Sale


Rockstar Games Discounted by up to 80% in Humble Sale

Nico Bellic, smart shopper.

The PC gaming world is preparing to get its teeth into GTA V with voracious intent. Every tidbit of information and screenshot is taken away into a corner, studied with eyes wide in astonishment. Systems have been upgraded and everything’s ready to roll, so how about picking up some of Rockstar’s older titles on the Humble Store this weekend in preparation for one of PC gaming’s biggest events of 2015.

While the fifth entry in the Grand Theft Auto i series is still commanding its full price, previous titles from the franchise and some of Rockstar’s other games can be found at 80% off. That’s Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, 4 and its close friend Episodes from Liberty City can all be found in this sale in some form or another.

The complete packages of these symbols of Rockstar’s history can also be found, with the entire Grand Theft Auto 3 era collection of games being available as a package of their own. Hell you can even pick up every single one in its own,  80% discounted state.


Other Rockstar games like Bully, Max Payne 3, and LA Noire are also being offered at 80% off. In fact the only thing in the sale that isn’t being sold with an 80% discount is the Max Payne 3 season pass, which is available at 75% off.

If you’re a GTA fan or just a lover of Rockstar and want to get your fill before the long-await PC release of the fifth Grand Theft Auto entry arrives, there’s no better time than this.

Humble’s Rockstar sale will only last for this weekend, with 10% of every purchase being donated to charity.

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