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PS4 Team Shooter Hollowpoint Gets New Details on Gameplay and Co-op


PS4 Team Shooter Hollowpoint Gets New Details on Gameplay and Co-op

Ruffian Games’ Hollowpoint hasn’t been talked about much aside from a trailer from last year. Today, some new details have emerged.

Since releasing Crackdown 2 in 2010, Ruffian Games has been hard at work on their co-op shooter Hollowpoint. Today on the Playstation Blog, Ruffian has gone into detail about what to expect from the game. Hollowpoint will contain large 3D cross-section environments that players can switch to fire at the depth of the screen from the 2D axis at the push of a button. This creates a “mix of an old school 2D platform shooter and 3D shooting gallery.” Each level is procedurally built and has a neverending supply of enemies.

Like every other shooter these days, you can play the game solo or online with up to three players. In single player, you can bring up to four Hollowpoints into any Contract (mission), and if one dies you simply switch them out. In co-op, you can revive your fallen teammate, and several of the abilities are team buffs that are transferred to teammates within a decent range. Co-op also allows you to tackle multiple rooms at once so you can get a Gold Credit Level Bonus. From the sound of things, all of this so far is just scratching the surface.

Hollowpoint will hit the PS4 and PC sometime later this year. Any of this info make you want to pick up the game? Let us know in the comments section.


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