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PS4 MOBA Trans-Galactic Tournament Announced


PS4 MOBA Trans-Galactic Tournament Announced

If you’re a console owner with an interest in MOBAs, you’ll be happy to hear there’s one coming to the PS4. Come and enter the Trans-Galactic Tournament!

MOBAs these days are all the rage. There’s League of Legends, DOTA 2, Infinite Crisis, Heroes of the Storm, Gigantic, and SMITE (of which good old Yami is a huge fan of and streams occasionally). Now a new challenger is stepping up to the MOBA battleground. Kiz Studios has announced their new free to play game Trans-Galactic Tournament.

The basic concept of Trans-Galactic Tournament is ““What if the Star Wars cantina starred in an ’80s cartoon, which suddenly broke out into a football match, which suddenly broke out into Wrestlemania?” TGT’s combat isn’t about point and clicking endlessly so much as it is well-timed hits, parkouring over obstacles, and even using opponents as platforms. The game will arrive with three modes–Deathmatch, Plunderball (basically Capture the Flag meets Thunderdome), and Conquest (King of the Hill). Unlike other MOBAs, TGT won’t have in match leveling, instead opting for the 10 Champs being customizable outside of battle to suit the player’s style.

Trans-Galactic Tournament will release with the three modes, 10 launch Champs, and six arenas. Free weekly Champ rotations will let everyone test the new roster additions, and there’ll be more Champs, modes, and arenas post launch. There’ll also be exclusive free content for PS+ members. No solid word on a release date yet besides “soon”, but you can sign up for the newsletter to receive updates. And if that doesn’t sound exciting, how does a trailer sound?

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