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Project Cars Will Support 12K Resolution on PC


Project Cars Will Support 12K Resolution on PC

Want the best looking racing experience on PC? Project Cars has the answer.

If you’re after the most immersive racing sim experience this year, playing Project Cars in 12K resolution is most likely going to be one of your best bets for just that.

For most of us 4K resolution in Project Cars is a mere pipe dream, well at least in high settings with a nice smooth frame rate anyway. For those who have some of the best gaming rigs out there however, Slight Mad Studios has confirmed that Project Cars will allow you to get your racing fix in 12K.

For those who are confused as to what 12K resolution is, simply put its 4K resolution on three different monitors. 4K times the amount of monitors you have. The news of the 12K resolution comes via a Project Cars FAQ released by the developers and posted on their site over here.

We gave you all the details on what it’s going to take to get the game running on your PC earlier too. We’ve been seeing images of the game in 4K for quite some time now, and many have been wondering just how demanding Project Cars is going to be on PC. Now that we have an insight into recommended settings, for those after 4K or 12K resolution a system with specs higher than those recommended by the developer is probably going to be needed to ensure that you get the best, smoothest visual experience.

Will you be running the game in 12K resolution? Is 12K resolution the future of gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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