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Prey 2 Developer Human Head Speaks out Over Cancellation


Prey 2 Developer Human Head Speaks out Over Cancellation

You can’t be a predator without prey.

There was a time, not so long ago, that Prey 2 was a game many of us were excited about. After a blisteringly beautiful trailer surfaced at E3 2011 along with the support of Bethesda, the desire to get our collective mitts on the title was simply palpable. Then silence fell over Prey 2 until finally, at the back end of last year, Human Head Studios officially announced that the game was cancelled.

The official word on this from Bethesda was that Prey 2 simply wasn’t living up to their expectations of quality. It had been in limbo since the back end of 2011 with development being pushed from pillar to space-post. It was even rumored that Dishonored developers Arkane were at the helm, although this was emphatically denied by Arkane and Bethesda.

Recently though, Human Head Studios’ Project Director Chris Rhinehart spoke to Develop and gave us all an insight into what was actually happening. Having already worked on the game for two years, Human Head had Prey 2 in a “very close to an alpha state, with all major content pieces represented.”

As stated before though, Bethesda officially ended development in October 2014, with Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines making a statement on why it had been cancelled,  saying it was due to a lack of quality in the product. Human Head Business Development Director Tim Gerritsen disagreed. In a statement he says “Bethesda stated their reasons when they finally cancelled the game in October 2014, and needless to say we have our own perspective on the matter that differs from the reasons they stated,”

He goes into the situation further too: “As we said in response in October, we feel that the quality of the game was well represented by the materials we displayed in numerous public demonstrations on behalf of Bethesda and we are disappointed that fans won’t be able to see our vision come to life.  We remain proud of the work that we did.”

Since then, Human Head Studios have moved on from Prey 2. They were able to find other work, helping Trion Worlds develop Defiance and then propping up Minimum after the game’s original studio TimeGate died an undignified death.

The studio are now almost completely over Prey 2, now working with Amazon Game Studios on upcoming survival horror title Lost Within.

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