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Pokemon Rumble World Passwords Unlock Klefki & Doublade


Pokemon Rumble World Passwords Unlock Klefki & Doublade

A password to new Pokemon.

Last week, Pokemon Rumble World came to life on Nintendo 3DS consoles around the world. This free to play action RPG combines a surprisingly lax microtransaction system with simple controls to really drag you in. Then, Pokemon Rumble World throws adorable Pokemon Toys at you like cute bait to hold you in place.

Also emerging last week were passwords that could be used to obtain new Pokemon. While there’s already a massive amount of both well-known and obscure Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble World, some were still unable to make the cut. To catch ’em all, you have to use these passwords. Earlier this week, two new codes came to light for North American and European players.

These codes offer players the opportunity to obtain Klefki and Doublade for their Pokemon Toy collection. Klefki’s strength comes in at over 230 with it’s abilities being Draining Kiss and Mirror Shot. Doublade matches Klefki’s strength, using its pair of swords to dish out Sacred Sword, as well as a non-existent head to enact Iron Head.

North American users can get the two by entering 27418406 for Doublade and following with Klefki by using 92955036.

Those in Europe aren’t left out either, with Doublade obtained by typing in 17428954 and Klefki jingling into Pokemon Rumble World through 37760163.

These two new Pokemon Toys join Smeargle and Pancham who were made available as passwords in Pokemon Rumble World last week. To activate passwords, simply stand in the courtyard and enter the start button to enter the password menu. Do note that you’ve got to be over Adventurer Level 4 to do this.

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