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Operation Abyss Hits PS Vita In June


Operation Abyss Hits PS Vita In June

Operation Abyss will hit the PS Vita in June this year, but what can be expected from this latest release from Experience Inc? Find out the details here…

Experience Inc has announced that Operation Abyss will hit the PS Vita on June 9th. The dungeon-crawler style game has numerous new features on its official release including more customization and challenging gameplay. Operation Abyss takes place in a near-future Tokyo, its sci-fi gameplay causing fear and throws every ounce of imagination towards the player as they go through the levels.

Players have to move quickly in each level, wandering in the same spot in Operation Abyss will cause creatures and enemies to hunt you down, creating a much more challenging scenario. Players have to think on their feet, and with face-pace RPG style combat, the artwork and sheer atmosphere of the levels brings a whole new feeling to the game. However, there is a positive, the more the player stays and fights, the longer the rewards will be for defeating enemies, so it’s your choice, do you leave when its safe? Or stay for the epic loot?

Customization is also a large aspect of Operation Abyss with the main characters able to take on the abilities and skills from past historical figures. This opens up the gameplay for player interpretation and they can assign skills and abilities that suit their own style, do you play aggressively or more defensively? The choice is yours!.

Early purchases will also be able to attain more customization options for free through DLC. The full press release can be read here on the Playstation Blog.

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