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New Call of Duty Easter Egg Possibly Confirms Black Ops 3


New Call of Duty Easter Egg Possibly Confirms Black Ops 3

“Listen only to the sound of my voice.”

The latest Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, has been out for some time now and fans are beginning to speculate what 2015’s Call of Duty will be. Some have theorized it may be another World at War game, others hope it will be Black Ops 3, and others would like to see something completely new. Those of you who would like to see Black Ops 3 may be on to something.

It’s Treyarch’s turn to release a Call of Duty game and the company may well be hinting at the reveal of Black Ops 3 via an Easter Egg hidden in a recent update for Black Ops 2. Players have noticed a Snapchat ghost icon on certain posters featured in certain maps and if you zoom in and scan the ghost on your phone, “callofduty” is added to your Snapchat friends list. On callofduty’s account you’ll find a video that features an eye and a voice that tells you to “listen only to the sound of my voice” as numbers scroll past.

Numbers were a central part of past Black Ops games and this teaser does seem very Black Ops inspired. You can check out the Snapchat video for yourself below:

Or figure out how to scan the icons in the game with some help from this YouTuber:

Could this be the first hint at Black Ops 3, or just a prank to get us off the scent? Whatever the case, the next Call of Duty game will be announced soon.

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