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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Takeda


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Takeda

Kenshi’s son doesn’t need daddy’s help.


takeda mortal kombat x

Takeda’s Ronin variation mixes swordplay with a bit of trickery. Ronin Takeda can get his Mitsurugi on and uppercut enemies with his sword using the Shirai Ryu Kan special. He can also drop his blade on the ground as a trap and explode it underneath enemies, launching them high into the air, and leaving them vulnerable for a kombo. He can reflect projectiles using the Shirai Ryu Reflect which certainly comes in handy against spammers. Finally, his Piercing Spark attack is a rare combination of power and range, and especially so when it’s enhanced. If you’re not married to a particular play style and want a special for every situation across a variety of different ranges, then Ronin Takeda is for you.

Tornado Strike: Back, Forward, Circle

Fist Flurry: Back, Forward, Triangle

Blade Drop: Down, Back, Square

Piercing Spark: Down, Forward, X

Shirai Ryu Reflect: Down, Back, X

Shirai Ryu Kan: Down, Forward, Square


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