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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play D’Vorah


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play D’Vorah

Not the bees!


At first glance, D’Vorah’s Venomous variation looks barren. Devoid of any unique specials other than the Poison Ovipositor Charge. It’s true, it has a lot less specials. But what makes this variation extremely deadly is the passive poison damage over time effect on all Ovipositor based attacks. Yes even just your regular old Triangle attacks will inflict poison on your enemy that will slowly chip away at their help. You could play defensively while your opponents melts away, or keep the pressure on for fast victories. Either way is a viable strategy with the Venomous variation.

Bug Burst: Down, Forward, Square

Spawning Puddle: Down, Back, Square

Forward Air Throw: (Air), Down + L1

Posion Ovipositor Charge: Down, Back, Circle


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