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Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Land All Brutalities


Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Land All Brutalities

You win! Brutality!

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Mortal Kombat X just wouldn’t be a proper¬†Mortal Kombat unless it pushed the limits. So, the folks over at Netherrealm Studios decided to reintroduce Brutalites for those who may get just a little bit tired of seeing all of the new Fatalities the game has to offer. To pull of these Brutalities though, certain requirements must be met.

First, it must be the last round of the fight, meaning you already won a round. Next, your opponent must be near death. Brutalities are different from Fatalities in that they are triggered before you deplete the opposing fighters life bar, not after. When triggered correctly, you will get to watch as your fighter brutally decimates your adversary (hence the name Brutality).

As with the Fatalities guide, all button presses will reflect those on the DualShock Controller. Make sure to swap out buttons for their corresponding counterparts on your Xbox controller.

Cassie Cage:

  1. Back, Forward, Square


  1. Down, Forward + Square, R2
  2. Down, Back + Square, R2
  3. Up, Down +L1, Back
  4. L1 + X, or Square + X
  5. Down, Back, Circle


  1. Back, Forward + Triangle
  2. Down, Back + Square + R2
  3. Up, Down, Back + Circle + R2
  4. Back, Forward + Square
  5. Back + Triangle


Erron Black

  1. Down, Back + Square, Circle
  2. Down, Back, Forward + Triangle
  3. Down, Back + Triangle
  4. Down, Forward + Triangle
  5. R2 + X


  1. Back, Forward + X

Jacqui Briggs

  1. Back, Forward + Triangle + R2


  1. Back, Forward, Triangle, Down

Johnny Cage

  1. Back, Down + X



  1. Up, Back, Right + X, R2
  2. Down, Back + Triangle, R2
  3. Down, Back + Square + R2
  4. Down, Forward + Square
  5. Down, Forward, Back + Circle


  1. Triangle, Triangle, Circle
  2. Down, Back + Square
  3. Back, Forward+ Triangle + R2
  4. Back, Forward + X
  5. R2 + X


  1. Back, Forward + X

Kotal Kahn

  1. Down, Forward + Circle


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