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Monster Hunter Stories Brings Barrels of Cute to the Series


Monster Hunter Stories Brings Barrels of Cute to the Series

Monster Hunter + Cute = Monster Hunter Stories.

During a Monster Hunter festa event in Japan, Capcom decided to show off a trailer that revealed their latest foray into the Monster Hunter franchise. It’s adorable, involves ride-able monsters, and is titled Monster Hunter Stories.

The trailer, which shows a young hunter running from the signature Tigrex before riding away on a miniature Rathalos, is infused with a bright art-style that’s nothing short of a leap away from the series’ usual aesthetic. It even concludes with a glimpse at open fields full of Apanoth and Kelbi, all of which look exactly like their usual Monster Hunter counterparts but with much more colorful artwork.

Towards the end of this Monster Hunter Stories trailer, it’s revealed that the game is an RPG that’ll be landing on the 3DS sometime in 2016. Throughout viewing, there’s an almost overpowering sense that Monster Hunter Stories will be a more humorous take on the franchise while not detracting from the details of its established world.

Whether or not the handheld version will look as smooth as that gorgeous trailer does when it’s finally gives to players is another matter but you never know, we could be seeing a new and impressive line in the Monster Hunter franchise that’ll bring yet more success.

There’s no word yet as to whether Monster Hunter Stories will be forging a path westward but hopefully that news will be revealed soon, perhaps E3?

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