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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Ships Big in the West


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Ships Big in the West

Monster Hunter 4 seems to have cracked the west and has shipped big numbers since its release.

Capcom’s fan-favourite action-RPG Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS has shipped more than one million copies since its release in North American and Europe on 13th February this year. That figure, announced today by Capcom, not only counts the copies shipped at retail, but also digital sales through the Nintendo eShop for both regions.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launched on the same day in North America and Europe as the New Nintendo 3DS, said to drastically improve the load times and performance of the game in comparison to the older Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles.

The launch of the game alongside the new Nintendo hardware was partially responsible for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate becoming the best selling game of the series in the west, especially when taking into account that the game came preloaded in certain territories such as Europe, on limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles with a snazzy fur themed design.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

This beauty came with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate pre-installed in certain territories

The success of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is partially down to it being described by Capcom and critics alike as the “biggest and most accessible” game in the series to date. The series has previously been considered to be inaccessible to newcomers with its complex game mechanics, turns out remedying this slight criticism of the series has been of benefit to Capcom.

This news comes following the announcement yesterday from Capcom of Monster Hunter Stories, a brand new spin-off in the Monster Hunter series which puts you in the role of a ‘rider’ as opposed to a ‘hunter’ as the normal games in the series do… as you’d guess from title. The game won’t be ready until 2016 unfortunately and is most likely to launch in Japan first, before being ported over to the west.

Have you picked up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Were you new to the series and did you find it easy enough to get into? Let us know in the comments below.

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