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4 Universes Perfect for LEGO Dimensions


4 Universes Perfect for LEGO Dimensions

Lego Dimensions involves hopping to different universes. So it’s time to list what we think should be included!



This one is something only early 2000s Lego fans may remember. Bionicle was an action oriented line about the Toa–six beings who could control the elements of fire, water, earth, stone, air, and ice and wore masks that granted them special abilities. It actually was a successful line for a good amount of time, spawning comics, video games, four films, and junior novels. For a while, it made up nearly all of Lego’s financial turnover from the previous decade. By 2008, the lack of new interest in Bionicle forced the company to shelve the property in 2009. It lived on through the HeroFactory property, but it just wasn’t the same. In 2014’s The Lego Movie, it was featured in a quick “blink or you’ll miss it” slideshow of Lego properties when Wyldstyle talks about other universes.

As of January, the series has undergone a reboot of the original story, with plans to take it through to 2017 and possibly further. Having the Toa in a video game would go a good way towards increasing the reach of the Bionicle property. The different lands that the Toa reside over–the fire Toa Tahu, has a village inside of a volcano while the stone Toa Pohatu has an arid desert, for instance–could land themselves to some nice visual variety, and their masks (regular colors and gold variants) would lend them to being instantly collectible. If nothing else, you could always appeal to the nostalgia market. Not to mention it’d be kinda funny to see the Toa pissed at Wyldstyle after she called them something “we don’t need to mention”.

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