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Housemarque Reveals New Alienation Details


Housemarque Reveals New Alienation Details

New details have emerged about Alienation from the developers. Sounds like going it alone won’t get you anything but a body tag.

The developer of Resogun, Housemarque, is hard at work on a new game called Alienation. A new PS Blog post has revealed that the game will rely “heavily on tactical teamwork amidst all the chaos”. The game will feature three main character classes, tons of loot and weapon customizations, all of which will lead to an “astronomical” set of different team-ups. Think Borderlands, just with more destruction and less Claptrap.

So far the only thing known about the Alienation story is that the Allied Forces have found violent alien races that range from simple humanoid foot soldiers to “extraterrestrial flesh mountains”, which certainly doesn’t sound pleasant. These aliens are spreading all over the globe with a focus on gathering at military locations away from populated areas. Like with other alien invasion stories, the only way to beat these spacemen is with superior firepower. Housemarque promises that going lone wolf in Alienation will just land you in a body bag. You’ll have to coordinate with your teammates in order to take back the planet and live another day.

A release date for Alienation hasn’t yet been given, but more information–including screenshots–is available on the Blog. Once more information on Alienation has been revealed, we’ll let you know.

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