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Hotline Miami and Superhot Mixed Together is Awesome


Hotline Miami and Superhot Mixed Together is Awesome

The small game remix is free and you can play it right now.

This monster mash of a video game remix is a true stroke of genius. And thankfully it’s a game you can play right now.

On one hand you have the expertly crafted, hyperviolent, top-down precision gameplay of Hotline Miami, a game which hearkened back to other classic top-down shooters like Grand Theft Auto. On the other hand, you have the uniqueness of SUPERHOT, a game that was backed on Kickstarter with wide acclaim for its unique premise. In SUPERHOT, a first-person shooter, the catch is that time only progresses within the game when the player moves. This means bullets fired and enemy bullets and movement only progress when the player is physically navigating the space. This turns frenetic combat of a gunfight into a ballet of time management and tactical movements.

superhotline miami

What would happen if these two concepts – fast-paced, top down combat and time-based movement shooters – were combined? Game developer Florian Dufour asked that question, and the result was his demo SUPERHOTline Miami.

This blended game is very bare bones, as one would imagine having just been made on a whim. But the combat is surprisingly deep and intriguing, coupling the best parts of both games mechanics. There are only four levels at present, but Dufour states he intends to add more levels soon. For those who want to see the perfect blend of two fantastic indie games, they can head over to SUPERHOTline Miami‘s official page and play the game themselves through their browser, or download directly to their PC.

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