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Heroes of the Storm Finally Gets a Solid Release Date


Heroes of the Storm Finally Gets a Solid Release Date

There’s a storm brewing on the not-so-distant horizon.

Heroes of the Storm has been in closed beta since January 13 of this year. The upcoming free to play multiplayer online battle arena game has been open for people to leap into since then at a price during closed beta, but there was never a set release date for the game. That is until now.

Promising “more than 30 heroes” at launch, Heroes of the Storm will enter an open beta program on May 19 during which the game will be stress tested and those who didn’t want to put down cash to try out the title will be offered the opportunity to play before full release.

The date when Heroes of the Storm will finally be available to the gaming public in its final form has been set as June 2 2015. At that time there will be seven battlegrounds for players to fight over as Heroes of the Storm slips into its free to play model completely.

Of course, those who’ve already been able to play the game in its current state will still have access until the final release date as well as beyond.

This news follows on from the arrival of Blackrock Mountain in Hearthstone, Blizzard’s other front in the free to play gaming world, which has been available for a short time now.

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