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Here Are The Scariest Enemies You'll Encounter in Bloodborne


Here Are The Scariest Enemies You'll Encounter in Bloodborne

Spiders?! No, not the spiders!

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If you have a fear of snakes, you cannot play Bloodborne. That’s just how it is. When you first enter the Forbidden Forest, things seem easy enough; you fight your regular werewolf men, you kill dogs, crazed crows, unlock shortcuts – typical Bloodborne stuff. The level stretches on for a bit, but it’s all right; you’ve done all this before. And then you unlock your first shortcut back to the initial lamp, enter the second part of the seemingly endless Forbidden Forest stage, and things change.

You will now encounter humanoid enemies with snakes busting out of their heads. You will have to be wary of the countless number of snake clusters hiding in the grass. You will have to fight big ass, giant snake clusters three times the size of your hunter. The third phase of the boss you face in the Forbidden Forest involves the summoning of giant snakes from the ground.

The Forbidden Forest is one of the longest and most grueling stages in Bloodborne, and if you’re afraid of snakes, I imagine that will only make things that much worse.

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