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GTA V Unlock Times on PC Confirmed


GTA V Unlock Times on PC Confirmed

All hail time-zones.

Good news GTA V fans, Rockstar came out and gave everyone the exact time at which the game will become playable for the masses on PC. It turns out that you might be able to get into GTA a little earlier than expected.

In a tweet, shown below, Rockstar’s support team confirmed that the game will unlock at 12am BST on April 14. Now for those of us in the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole, that’s comforting. More often than not, PC games will unlock on the eastern side of the Atlantic deep into the actual release date rather than at midnight.

For those in North America though, this is actually a stroke of very good news. Where many may have expected GTA V on PC to unlock at midnight EST, it will actually be going live at exactly the same time for both markets. That’s 19:00 on April 13 for the East Coast and 16:00 for the West Coast of America.

It’s likely that the main reason for this is to stop those in Europe getting into GTA Online before those in North America. Or may it’s just Rockstar seeing that it’d only be fair for everyone to play the game at the same time. Either way, this is good news for pretty much everyone on either side of the Atlantic who has already waited long enough to get into GTA V on PC. We can now all enjoy the game at the same time thanks to a global simultaneous release time.

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