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GTA V on PC: How to Change Your FOV With a Mod


GTA V on PC: How to Change Your FOV With a Mod

The mod-splosion begins.

First person titles on PC have a long history of providing an FOV slider. Allowing players to change their field of view, hence the acronym, it allows more of the game to be seen on screen at any one time in a first person perspective. Thanks to the modding community, this has been made available in GTA V on PC.

Created by Reddit user DrDaxxy, the mod offers the opportunity to change your first person field of view in GTA V. This only works on the first person perspective when walking around on foot for now, although DrDaxxy states on the matter  “I’ll see what I can do.”

The mod allows players to change their vertical field of view in GTA V (something which can be converted to bring a horizontal change thanks to a calculator) although right now it does require a significant amount of working around to get it running properly. Crashes do happen, but they can be averted by following the instructions and fixes in the Reddit post. A comparison of the difference it makes can also be found over on imgur.

You don’t have to own a specific version of GTA V for this to work, so it’ll be fine whether you’re playing the game using the game downloaded from Steam or via Rockstar’s own launcher.

There is a significantly important warning alongside this FOV mod though. It modifies the memory in GTA V on PC so could be seen as a cheat, bringing a whole host of anti-cheat hell onto anyone that uses it. While it’s unclear what these guidelines actually are as of yet, those seeking to use this mod with GTA V should be aware that they could be banned for using it until there are rules in place for all to see. Be careful if you’re stepping into the GTA Online portion of GTA V using this mod.

Don’t worry though, the mod can be easily removed from your system with the deletion of a single file.


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