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GTA V Modders Reveal Zombies and More Hidden Secrets


GTA V Modders Reveal Zombies and More Hidden Secrets

Horses and zombies and bench pressing, oh my!

Whenever a game finds its way onto PC, the clock begins to tick for the mod creation community. They’ve got to use their time well and find a way to access the game’s files to begin creating mods. That was achieved yesterday for GTA V, with the data being laid out for all to see. There’s more a few surprises in there too.

The OpenIV program which is used to edit the files of GTA IV has been updated and can now slip into the files of GTA V with ease. So of course, the world at large has a grin on its face. This has opened up the gateway for mods in GTA V while also offering everyone a peek behind the curtain of what makes up the game, thanks in no small part to Twitter user @ZZCool who published some of their finds.

This is where things get a little interesting.

Some of the files named are what you might expect to find. Textures for t-shirts, AI programs, everything is all there to be seen. What’s a little surprising is that there are some items of data that point to elements of GTA V that we’ve never seen before. Scripts detail the existence of minigames like bench pressing and doing squats while just around the corner are a collection of assets that point to zombies in the game. That’s not all either, as assets have also been uncovered that point towards horses being implemented in GTA V.

In what form these may come is another matter entirely. All of these assets could simply be relics of activities that were cut from the game. They could be unlocked through use of GTA V‘s director mode. Hell they could even offer a look into a new Red Dead Redemption game if that’s being developed using the same engine.

Whatever it is, we’re sure that the modding community will get their hands on these wares and create some wonderful new experiences for us to enjoy in GTA V.

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