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4 Games to Get You Hyped and Ready for Furious 7


4 Games to Get You Hyped and Ready for Furious 7

Furious 7 comes out tomorrow, and we’ve got some games to play that’ll get you hyped before seeing this masterpiece in the theaters.

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As it turns out, Vin Diesel is actually a pretty huge nerd and lover of Dungeons & Dragons in particular. Like, he’s been playing it for over 20 years, wrote the foreward for a D&D 30th anniversary book, and even got Dame Judi Dench to play while they were filming Chronicles of Riddick. Yes, seriously, Groot got Dame Dench to play D&D. If that’s not a sign of how nerdy he is, I dunno what is.

He even owns his own video game studio, Tigon, which reactivated development in 2013. Their first game was the iconic Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, but their second was a 2008 open world driving game called Wheelman. In that, you were basically Vin Diesel in Barcelona, doing every open world thing you could think of–driving, gunning, shooting, etc. Sadly, you weren’t ripping out bank vaults and rigging them to the back of your car to follow you, it did give you the rare chance to see what life was like as Vin Diesel in an interactive sense. The only game to do it better was none other than…

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