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Gamers Have the Perfect Arsenal with These 8 Weapons


Gamers Have the Perfect Arsenal with These 8 Weapons

There are a lot of guns in video games. If you were going into battle, it’d be great if you had eight of these weapons on hand, wouldn’t you agree?

Bow (Crysis/Far Cry/Tomb Raider/Zelda)

rise of the tomb raider

Like Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf, farts, and albums put out at midnight by Beyonce with no fanfare, there are times when you just have to kill with silence. You need to stalk your enemy and wait for the right moment to strike, but you also don’t want to draw attention because true skill is achieved if no one knows you’re there until they realize that everything has gone missing. And on the third day of game design, there was the bow.

Ah, the bow. The weapon of the predator, the silent attacker. You’ve been in many games, and sometimes you’re overlooked in favor of other silenced weapons or a good old fashioned knife, but you still matter. Look at Link, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, those guys have made shooting with bows and arrows awesome. And Lara Croft and those dudes in the Far Cry games? Top notch archery, guys. You go through enemies’  heads in ways guns could only dream of, especially when you’ve got a scope attached to you. And your biggest bonus? Your ammo can be used over and over without any reloading. That alone, plus being able to light people on fire, makes you a damn fine killing machine.

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