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Furious 7 Ending Recreated in GTA V


Furious 7 Ending Recreated in GTA V

Prepare to relive the feels of Furious 7’s ending, with a brilliant GTA V recreation.

With the latest iteration in the Fast and Furious film series, Furious 7  having been released this month, and the emotional ending to the film that all fans had expected following the death of Paul Walker, some gamers got to work on a recreation in GTA V.

The video has been described by YouTube user Ronny Rox as a “Tribute for Paul Walker” the late actor who passed away in November 2013, during the filming of Furious 7, and recreates the film’s last few minutes. Furious 7 also broke the existing record and became the quickest film ever to reach $1 billion globally suggesting the series popularity is reaching dizzying new heights.

The recreation was made in GTA V’s Director Mode on PC alongside the Rockstar Editor. The two features combine to allow players to record footage from both GTA V  and GTA Online, set up scenes, edit that footage and then share it with the masses. The Director Mode allows players to bring up a whole host of various NPC’s and story characters to use in your production. Progressing the single player story unlocks more actors, but even basic set made available should be enough to make some pretty sweet videos.

The editing suite relies on a ‘marker’ system. You’ll be able to see the beginning and end markers on the clip you’ve loaded in. These allow you to move the start and end points of clips to wherever you want, add various effects and select different camera points, angles and transitions.

It’s always great to see a developer allow players to be creative with their game, especially when a game on the scale of GTA V and with all its beauty is the virtual playground for hundreds of thousands of players. The director mode is almost guaranteed to bring us some more incredible film moments, ever wanted to recreate a scene from The Italian Job or what about pretending you’re the next Ryan Gosling in Drive? The Director Mode and Rockstar Editor are sure to bring even greater videos than the one linked below as time passes and players get used to the functions, hell we may even see mods come into play.

To avoid any unwanted spoilers we’ve linked the video here. Obviously if you want to stay spoiler free from Furious 7 you’re best not clicking on the link. Let us know what you think of the recreation in the comments below.


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