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First Look at Shovel Knight Fighting Kratos


First Look at Shovel Knight Fighting Kratos

Steel Thy Shovel!

It’s the god of war versus the god of…shovels. Yacht Club Games developer David D’Angelo posted some GIFs on the Playstation Blog showing Shovel Knight fighting Kratos for the first time. Shovel Knight is slated to release on the PS3, PS4 and Vita on April 21st. Part of what makes the release on these consoles special is the addition of God of War’s Kratos as a wandering combatant. D’Angelo writes:

“Kratos can be a challenging fight because he’s aggressive and tenacious, just like in the God of War games. Using his Blades of Chaos, he really knows how to whip poor Shovel Knight around! Take a look at all the ways Kratos can beat on Shovel Knight.”





D’Angelo continues:

“The battle is amped up, befitting the over-the-top nature of God of War. It’s thrilling and exciting, blood-pumping and challenging! But most of all, it has that fun factor, and that humor and levity that you’d expect from Shovel Knight. After all, It’s about time Kratos had his 8-bit debut!”

Kratos’ appearance in the game coincides with the 10th anniversary of God of War. An HD remastered version of God of War 3 was also announced for release on PlayStation platforms, and a brand new “God of War 4” has been in development for some time. Obviously Sony wants us to have Kratos on the brain going into E3 2015.

Are you excited to dish out some shovel justice in this new version of Shovel Knight? Let us know in the comments.

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