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Final Fantasy XIV's New Trailer May Be the Most Epic Yet


Final Fantasy XIV's New Trailer May Be the Most Epic Yet

This almost looked like the opening cutscene. How many people missed this detail?

Final Fantasy XIV remains Square-Enix’s most successful venture into the MMORPG space. Although Square-Enix does not release numbers of users for their game, estimates range from 400k to 600k, both of which are healthy numbers. This is fantastic, because Final Fantasy XIV is a wonderful game. It boasts many of the best parts of different evolutions of the MMORPG genre, refining it down to the parts that players enjoyed the most, including movement-based fights, a plethora of end-game dungeons, not to mention the enthralling storyline that accompanies the entire adventure.


Final Fantasy XIV takes it’s story very seriously as well. Just like an Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy XIV features many cutscenes to highlight their narrative prowess. The complexity was ramped up when the company began phasing out Final Fantasy XIV in anticipation for the release of Final Fantasy XIV‘s re-release entitled A Realm Reborn. For those die-hard for who trucked through the abysmal original version of the game, they were treated to an epic story arc where a great war ended with the descending of the moon Dalamund. Except that’s no moon, for this massive planetoid was actually a cocoon for Bahamut, the terrible dragon. Once Dalamund descended, it broke apart, freeing Bahamut, who went about ravaging the lands into a fiery waste.


This entire part of the story arch was tied into A Realm Reborn through it’s opening cutscene. The various Adverturer protagonists of the game were teleported to safety five years in the future, leaving the Archon Louisoix behind as he faces almost certain death at the fiery breath of Bahamut. That was the assumption anyway. But as Final Fantasy XIV hypes up the release of its latest expansion, Heavensword, they released another trailer quietly under the radar, named Flames of Truth. Many might have passed on this trailer, seeing that the first five minutes were a carbon copy of Final Fantasy XIV‘s opening cutscene.

Those who didn’t stick around to the end were missing out on something big. It turns out that the Flames of Truth is actually a subtle continuation of the plot of that original encounter with Bahamut. Near the end of the destructive video, Flames of Truth picks up where the story last left off with Archon Louisoix, who just finished teleporting the Adventuerers into the future. How was Bahamut defeated and the world saved from total annihilation? Apparently, Archon Louisoix went Super-Saiyan on that dragon’s ass, in what amounts to one of the most visually stunning CGI pieces Square-Enix has ever produced. It’s definitely a must see. If you want to skip to the good stuff, you’ll want to go right here. Or if you want to learn more about the new expansion, check this instead.

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