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DriveClub Update Introduces Free Tour Events and More


DriveClub Update Introduces Free Tour Events and More

Shift it up another gear.

Anyone who owns DriveClub and loads up their copy today will find a pleasant little surprise waiting for them. That is of course after downloading a fairly hefty 2.69GB update.

In terms of free content, the 1.14 title update for DriveClub introduces a totally new collection of events that players are thrust into called the Startline tour. There’s also a beautiful new Italian sports car in the mix with a completely free Ferrari LaFerrari that’ll be made available to racers after they’ve attained Rank 5 in the Ferrari Owners Club Accolade.

Mechanically, this DriveClub update opens up the option of increasing the number of laps in a Single Event to 25 as well as the ability to enjoy Multiplayer Race Replays. One addition for the audio lovers out there comes in the Audio Settings. With it, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to hear the sounds from inside or outside of the vehicle while in cockpit view.

Alongside these updates come the mass of content for next week’s Evolution Tour and Turbocharged Expansion Packs. They’re not free to access though, you’ll have to put down some cash to access the content when it arrives in the PlayStation Store next week.

Evolution is still promising that extra rewards and ranks will be implemented for players who’ve reached DriveClub‘s level cap, although there’s no sign of them yet.

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