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Dragon Ball XenoVerse: Yamcha Mentor / Master Quest Guide


Dragon Ball XenoVerse: Yamcha Mentor / Master Quest Guide

It’s nice that Bulma realized she could do much better.

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Become Yamcha’s Apprentice

The scarred up hero that’s useful for little else than standing around wants to be your mentor! Do you really want him to be, though? Okay, well, the first part of Yamcha’s mentor quest in Dragon Ball XenoVerse is much like others in that you simply need to prove your strength by beating the ever loving crap out of the beloved Dragon Ball Z hero. Once you finish this one out of seven stars battle, you’ll get Yamcha as your mentor and potentially some rewards!

  • 1,800 zeni
  • Energy Capsule M
  • Regen Capsule M
  • Power Capsule S
  • Aura Capsule S
  • Ki Blast Thrust

That was easy, wasn’t it? Once you’re done, leave and level up to access Yamcha’s next mentor quest.


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