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New Destiny House of Wolves Teaser Reveals Vault of Glass Upgrades and Reef Social Space


New Destiny House of Wolves Teaser Reveals Vault of Glass Upgrades and Reef Social Space

Hope you didn’t throw away your Vault of Glass gear.

Today, Bungie released brief teaser trailer showing off some of what Guardians can look forward to in the second Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. Most notably, the teaser shows off the ability to upgrade old Vault of Glass weapons and armor. It’s not confirmed whether or not you’ll need to re-obtain the Vault of Glass gear or if you can use your existing gear. By the looks of it though, it seems like you can upgrade the gear you already have.

Also shown in the teaser is a quick look at The Reef, the new Destiny social area for House of Wolves. There will be new characters and new vendors for Guardians to interact with, and it also looks to be the location where you’ll be able to enhance that Vault of Glass gear.

Despite Bungie’s valiant effort in delivering a lot of new Destiny information in a 33 second teaser, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the specifics of everything. Luckily, there will be a live stream tomorrow, Apr. 22 at 11AM PST, on Bungie’s Twitch channel. Headlining the stream is The Reef and upgrades, so hopefully we’ll get some more details when it goes live.

House of Wolves made headlines recently when it revealed that it wouldn’t be including a six player raid. Well, at least not a couple of weeks after launch as was done with the previous raids. Instead, players will be getting a cooperative three player arena, The Prison of Elders, which is shaping up to be similar to the horde modes we have seen in other shooters. While many have expressed their disappointment of a lack of a raid, our staff writer Ian Lepkowsky has remained optimistic.

What about you? Excited about House of Wolves and these new features? Or is the loss of a new Destiny raid too much for you to handle? Let us know in the comments!

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