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Destiny House of Wolves Release Date and Trailer Video


Destiny House of Wolves Release Date and Trailer Video


After months of waiting and anticipation, although we still do not have a playable House of Wolves DLC, we finally know that on May 19, we will all be able to enjoy Destiny‘s newest expansion. If you have already pre-ordered the DLC, you were probably hoping it would release earlier. If you haven’t, you still have the option of pre-ordering, or at this point maybe you think it would make more sense to wait and see what people think about it after it releases.

There is a lot of pressure on Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC, after the perceived failures of its The Dark Below DLC. But this is not necessarily a reason to despair. Bungie acknowledge the community feedback and vowed to avoid making the same mistakes with House of Wolves that they did with The Dark Below. It’s unrealistic to think that Bungie could perfectly fix every idea of a complain that all of the millions of people that play this game might have. But that’s okay.

They know that there is a certain majority to please. While no one can please everyone, Bungie does pay attention to what the players say about Destiny. Not every game company makes the effort to change their game with patches based on the communities feedback. It doesn’t mean that those companies are wrong. Everyone has their own philosophies. But there’s definitely something noble and awesome about the idea of a company who is willing to try to take the game and alter it in the way that best pleases the loyal fans who have invested hundreds and sometimes even thousands of hours into this game.

In the meantime, let’s check out the trailer we’ve all been waiting to see:

It appears that the Queen has been betrayed by the Fallen. Now she is enlisting the help of us guardians to hunt down the despised traitors. Game on. The hunt begins on Tuesday May 19. If you’re getting this DLC that gives you just about a month to prepare yourself. But the Queen demands vengeance. And she will have it.

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