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4 Ways to Make a Hell of a Darksiders Sequel


4 Ways to Make a Hell of a Darksiders Sequel

Darksiders’ future is up in the air, but that’s no reason we can’t dream of what a sequel should have!

Four is a Magic Number


The original Darksiders told the story of War, the horseman who would end up accidentally starting the apocalypse and wiping out all of humanity. Y’know, as one does. As is established in the opening cutscene, the forces of Heaven and Hell are destined to battle over the Earth and decide the fate of mankind once the seven seals are broken. But a power hungry angel named Abaddon worked with the Charred Council to frame War for what happened. War uncovered the conspiracy and killed Abaddon, while around the same time his brother Death sacrificed himself to restore humanity.

War’s tale ended with him clutching the seal of the Four Horsemen, stonily declaring that he wouldn’t fight the Charred Council alone as the camera panned to show three comets coming towards the destroyed planet. Darksiders II ended with the creator of the Nephilim (the race of which the Four are the last of) Lilith talking to a shadowed being referred to be her as “my Prince”, none too happy that Death restored humanity and the Nephilim are forever lost.

A hyptothetical Darksiders III would obviously continue from where both games left off. With the Four Horsemen reunited–War, Death, Fury, and Strife–it’s time to get some answers and figure out the ultimate endgame for this conspiracy. Maybe the goals of the Charred Council and Lilith’s master are different, maybe they’re the same. It’s up to the Four to find out and finally restore the balance that War was duped into wrecking in the first place.

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