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Cities: Skylines to Receive Free Update


Cities: Skylines to Receive Free Update

As if this game wasn’t cool enough already.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a month since Cities: Skylines released to massive critical acclaim. The game sold well over a million copies, a quarter of which came within the first 24 hours. The game undoubtedly filled a huge hole in the market left by the lackluster and glitchy release of the now-defunct Maxis’ Sim City (2013), giving those who wanted a hardcore city-builder simulation game a playground of creativity.

unique buildings cities skylines

While modding begins in earnest, silently behind the scenes, the real work on Cities: Skylines continues with the developers at Paradox preparing for their first large update. The colloquial name for the update was the “tunnels and wall-to-wall buildings update,” for self-explanatory reasons, as the game hoped to add these two major features to the game. Paradox, however, promises that this is only a peek at what is in store for players of Cities: Skylines.

The next planned update for Cities: Skylines will be the most substantial to date, adding new features, gameplay tweaks, improvements and more fun stuff! [The update] will eventually be added to the game for free. 

Unfortunately, this huge update does come at a cost of patience.

As the update is a lot bigger than what we’ve previously released it’s also going to be in development and QA for a longer time – meaning there’s going to be at least a month before it’s ready to be launched.

unique buildings cities skylines

It is unfortunate that players of Cities: Skylines have to wait longer to receive the update. Tunnels to burrow through land-masses around the city areas will be a welcome addition, as will new building types, all of which can later be modded to preferences. But making sure the game is stable and functions properly will be worth the wait, as Paradox is also still taking suggestions for potential additions and fixes to include in this next major update. They also noted that most of the major glitches in Cities: Skylines have largely been resolved, and warned players that any errors experienced are likely due to mods that are installed.

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Despite the city-builder genre not typically known to be a huge popular attraction, Cities: Skylines continues to top Steam as one of the most played games, usually ranking within the top-20 games played, with daily peaks at 18,000 players every day. These players of Cities: Skylines will have their patience rewarded once these new updates to the game are released in the coming months.

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