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Broken Age Act 2: Vella’s Puzzles Walkthrough


Broken Age Act 2: Vella’s Puzzles Walkthrough

Vella’s Puzzles in Broken Age Act 2


Broken Age Act 2 picks up right where the previous act left off. After finally taking down the Mog Chothra that had come to take Vella, she now finds herself inside of the strange beast/machine. Shay, on the other hand, has set foot outside of the spaceship he’s always called home for the first time, and has found himself in a strange land. Now both Vella and Shay must figure out a way to get back home as they get used to their new settings.

The puzzles in Broken Age Act 2 are slightly more demanding than those in the first act. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you solve even the most head-scratch inducing puzzles. This guide will cover Vella’s predicament, but be informed that you can start as whichever protagonist you like, and can even switch between them whenever you want to. So, if you’d prefer to start as Shay, just head right on over to his puzzle guide.

Re-Pressurize the Space Room

Vella’s Puzzles in Broken Age Act 2

Your first puzzle as Vella is finding your way out of the gravity chamber that served as outer-space for Shay. To do so you’re going to have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Pick up the talking knife that tried its best to end your journey upon waking up. Don’t worry, he’s actually pretty useful and will not try to kill you again. Once you do that, head right and into the next area.
  2. In this area you will notice a broken machine on the floor, a hose hanging from a door, and damage all around the room. Head to the large crack in the wall and pull out the fishbowl (it’s really Shay’s “space helmet”, but looks just like a fishbowl). This will allow the wall to repair itself as well as provide you with an item you’ll need later.
  3. Head over to the hose but do not climb it, use the talking knife to cut off a small piece from the bottom.
  4. Use the small piece of hose on the broken machine on the right. Connect the bottom tube with the top tube so that you can activate panel 36. Head back on over to the hose.
  5. You can now climb the hose and use the talking knife at the top. Vella will now cut the hose and fall safely since the activated panel prevents a straight plummet. You now have the long hose.
  6. Use the long hose to connect the middle tube on both the left and right broken machines. Anti-gravity is no reactivated and you can proceed to the next puzzle.

Accessing the Hatch

Vella’s Puzzles in Broken Age Act 2

Anti-Gravity is now activated, congratulations! Unfortunately, you are unable to do much in this situation what with not being able to move and all. In order to get into the hatch that will allow you to continue your progress, just follows these steps:

  1. Both Vella and a severed yarn arm are spinning. Use the fishbowl looking item when the spinning arm’s hand is about to face Vella. This will cause the arm to grab it, allowing for the player to collect the yarn arm.
  2. Now you’re going to target the floating boot located on the right of the screen just behind the huge mechanical hand. Just like with the arm situation you just passed you’re going to have to time an item use. Get the yarn arm ready and use it just as Vella rotates to face the boot. Make sure that the mechanical hand is in a fist so that its thumb is blocking you. the yarn arm will now have a magnetic boot attached to it.
  3. Use you’re newly magnetized yarn arm on the mechanical hand once it is open, providing yourself with a platform to push off of.
  4. Interact with the hatch. This will trigger a short cutscene of Vella entering the corridors of the ship and being re-introduced to the loving embrace of gravity.

Access the “Mom” Computer

Vella’s Puzzles in Broken Age Act 2

Upon entering the ship, Vella will come across several locked doors. In order to gain access to these rooms you’re going to have to access the central computer a.k.a. Mom. This won’t be easy since she has no idea who Vella is, and she isn’t the most trusting of strangers. It’s time to convince Mom to open the door with a little bit of research and trickery. Something that you may have grown used to in Broken Age‘s first act.

  1. Head through the corridors so that Vella can approach Mom’s door. On your way there is an obstacle that must be moved. Move it, but don’t put it back in front of the path just yet.
  2. Proceed to Shay’s bedroom and head down the vent that he opened up during the first act of Broken Age. Speak to Marek and he will open up the door to his bedroom, which also leads to the trophy room. Head through the teleporter found here in order to “adjust” the size of Vella’s head. You’re going to have to go through twice in order to get your voice just right. So go through, then through the next one, before once again going through the teleporter in the trophy room. Now head back to Mom.
  3. Mom will still think that your voice sounds funny, but since it’s closer to what she remembers she will now ask you three questions instead. The questions and answers are:

Q: What was your first Stuffed animals name?

A: Mr. Huggy

Q: Of all my little pet names for you, which one was your favorite?

A: Please, can we not do this?

Q: What was the color, size, and pattern of Shay’s very first space boots?

A:  Purple, Size 4, Polka-dot.

4: Once you answer all three questions correctly you will gain access to the Mom computer which happens to be Shay’s actual mother, Hope Volta. You are now locked in her room with her. Watch the cutscene that follows and prepare for the next puzzle.

Escape the Computer Room

Vella’s Puzzles in Broken Age Act 2

After discovering the Mom computers true identity and purpose, you end up locked in the room with her. Getting out will require the use of the ship’s systems in order to get some doors unlocked.

  1. Before doing anything, make sure to collect the talking fork that can be found on the counter. She will be necessary later on.
  2. Access the ship’s systems by interacting with the computer located at the top of the room. This will allow you to use the cameras scattered about the ship, and interact with the doors and objects outside of Vella’s location.
  3. Unlock the door in the first hallway, then head left into shay’s room. Interact with the claw arm icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This will lift the rock off of the Shay decoy from Broken Age Act 1.
  4. Head right, unlocking all doors as you go. Eventually you’ll come across the final room that has a little robot waving a flashlight, Vella’s gonna need this guys help so you’re going to have to guide him to your location. This lovely little robot reacts to darkness and malfunctions. To get her where you need her just trigger items in the room to make the lights go out then cause a malfunction by hitting one of the lightning bolts. This will force her to move along through the rooms. Once she’s by the door to the next area just hit the switch and she’ll automatically move on. Once you get her into the hallway with your locked room she’ll be sucked outside (talk about bad luck?). Time to get her back.
  5. Access the dining room and change the display to Taco Pill Tuesday. Now just have Vella interact with the claw hand at the top of the screen to swing the little computer back into the room. Once that’s done, activate the door by clicking on the lightning bolt.

Building and Tossing the Bomb, Part 1

Vella has made it out of the locked room, yay! But her part in Broken Age is far from over. The ship you were on has docked in a hangar located in the home city of the villain. This is obviously somewhere you don’t want to be, so time to do some destruction before getting out of dodge.

  1. Head into the dining room and pick up that Shay decoy from earlier. Vella’s going to need this in a later puzzle, but might as well get hold of it now.
  2. Head over to the doors that have the melting ice-cream mountain painted on them, and have Vella enter. There are two important items needed here.
  3. Make your way to the frosting dispenser and and interact with the nozzle using the Shay decoy.
  4. Put on the cloud shoes that followed Vella from the first act of Broken Age, then make your way up the sundae mountain towards the yarn pals. Fill your fishbowl helmet with the good stuff, but don’t think about eating it (apparently this stuff is dangerous).
  5. Head back to the nexus (the room where all the teleporting doors are). On your way over, take some time to return the hallway obstacle from when you first arrived to the middle of the hallway. Once your at the nexus use the center door that is now accessible. This will take you to the room that houses the Fusion Orb (you may remember this from Broken Age Act 1).

Building and Tossing the Bomb, Part 2

  1. Use the ice-cream filled fishbowl to remove the Fusion Orb from its pedestal. Congratulations! You have just created a rather dangerous weapon. Chances are that Vella doesn’t want to go boom along with everything else, so time to get that thing off of your ship.
  2. Head back to Mom’s room and use the computer from before. Access the dining room once again, and change the computer’s display to good morning. Interact with the claw arm located at the top of the screen to lower a box of cereal. You’re going to want to pause it once it’s about halfway down. Vella can now exit the computer.
  3. Have Vella walk on over to the dining room and interact with the box of cereal. This will trigger a cleaning robot whom you’ll have to race to a chute (this is what the obstacle is for). Hit the cereal box, then immediately make your way to the nexus and use the door to the far right. Enjoy the cutscene of Vella’s little scuffle with the robot that will net you a cup ofcereal. After the show, interact with the chute using the fishbowl.

Escape the Red Hangar

Now that you’ve built and “placed” your highly volatile explosive, it’s time to take the ship and get out of the hangar before everything goes KABOOM! This is going to require a few items, and some timing.

  1. After throwing the fusion bomb down the chute, head right into large door on the left side of the screen. Make sure not to go through the door that takes you back into the other hallway, that means you’re going the wrong way.
  2. Once inside, interact with the yarn pals using the frosting stuffed Shay decoy in order to trigger the perilous runaway train activity. When given the option choose to do the wave. What follows is the gruesome unraveling of a yarn pal in quite the hilarious manner. Vella will now be banned from the train ride, but she will now possess a pretty sizable amount of yarn.
  3. Combine the yarn with the talking fork to create a spool of yarn.
  4. Head to the trophy room via the nexus in order to gain access to Marek’s bedroom using the crawlspace. When Vella interacts with the wires beside the door, some of the maiden’s from before will show themselves and reveal that they are hungry. One of these maidens happens to be from Shellmound and has a hook you will need. Interact with the door using the cereal and then interact with the hook once she slides under the door to collect the food. Once you’ve collected the item interact with the wires once more so that you can distract Marek.
  5. Quickly make your way to the room where you first met Marek (using the vent in Shay’s room). Trigger the lock by interacting with the green button, then pick up the star chart. Make sure to complete those actions in the given order or you’ll have to repeat the process.
  6. Head over to the Space Weaver and interact with it using the spool of yarn you created a little while ago.
  7. If you give the Space Weaver the star chart you stole, it won’t go anywhere due to the fact that you’re already at that location. You’re going to have to make some alterations before launch. To do so, head down below after giving the Space Weaver the chart and interact with the scarf using the hook you got earlier. To know exactly where to make the alterations, you’re going to have to switch back to Shay and help him save the choking mayor. This will get him the little shell whistle that he can give to Alex in order to find out how to leave the Red Hangar. Alex will play a series of notes (mid, mid, high, low, mid) that indicate exactly where Vella has to mark the scarf. Just have Vella make the changes and watch as the magic unfolds.
  8. After getting everything done, you’ll have to switch over to Shay in order to make it up to the same story section.

Escape the Collided Ships

Vella has accomplished her task of escaping the Red Hangar, the only obstacle remaining is Alex’s ship which the ship she’s currently in has collided with. Since they are both locked into an auto-pilot course, the only option is to take drastic measures that will require the cooperation of both Vella and Shay from their respective locations.

  1. Vella must make her way towards the pilot seat (the large area that houses the door to the nexus, the Space Weaver, and the other hallway). Make sure to pick up the crushed robot on the way over. While here, she must activate the switch to the “death ray” that she should still have from Broken Age Act 1. This will trigger a series of events that will help Shay on the other end.  Afterwards, make your way through the vent in Shay’s bedroom for the last time. Down here you will find a piece of wire (to use on your little robot friend). Once that’s collected participate in the conversation with the character that appears on the screen (which nets you a trophy/achievement), or just exit this room.
  2. Combine the robot with the wire, and connect them in the same order that you have to do for Shay’s hexipal. You’re going to want to use the order that causes it to act like it’s playing a harp. Take the robot over to the Space Weaver place it next to its scarf. This will cause a lot of tickling which will bring Mom out of the room and allow for Vella to give Shay access to the grabbing arms once more.
  3. Once the button in Mom’s room is pushed, head back to the large room and trigger the “death ray”. Time to switch back to Shay.
  4. Once Shay has completed his action, sit back and enjoy the show.

And there you have it, that’s every single one of Vella’s puzzles in Broken Age Act 2.

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