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Bloodborne's Hunters Can Teach You a Lot More Than Just Pain


Bloodborne's Hunters Can Teach You a Lot More Than Just Pain

You’d like to believe death will enlighten you.

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If you played Bloodborne for a while you probably know who Father Gascoigne is. Heck, you’ve probably had a few nightmares about him, and now hate him with all your heart. If on the other hand he was just a feeble obstacle in your life, know you have been extremely lucky.

Father Gascoigne is Bloodborne’s second boss. He is a hunter pretty much like you, but he’s gone wild. He has become one of the beasts he was supposed to kill. That’s why you are his enemy, and that’s why he wants to teach you a really painful lesson about death. The great thing about this is that this annoyingly tough enemy, as well as all the hunters you find in your way, can actually bestow a lot more information upon you.

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Even though Bloodborne’s combat system looks a lot similar to those in the Souls series, they are not exactly the same. In fact, there are lots of differences. Right below a familiar surface lies a much faster and rewarding system which incentivizes players to be bolder and, well, a lot more reckless. Additionally, the lack of a decent shield, replaced by firearms as secondary weapons, takes every fight in a completely new direction. This means fans of From Software’s past works need to get used to a whole new system in which none of their older strategies actually work.

Now, of course you could try to master those new features on the first enemies you face in Bloodborne, but let’s face it, you don’t really need to. Maybe they are way too easy, or maybe you are too busy trying not to die. It doesn’t matter, you can actually get pretty far in the game without ever using your firearm, which means you probably won’t know how to use it when you actually need it.


In this very likely scenario, you arrive at the entrance of the Tomb of Oedon feeling pretty confident. You’ve already beaten the Cleric Beast and you’ve figured out every enemy move. Maybe you even whisper “piece of cake” when you finally find our dear Father Gascoigne. He’s different, you can tell right away, but what can he do against such a mighty hunter like yourself? Yeah, you are done for.

Funny thing, there’s a good chance Gascoigne is using the same weapons you are. It doesn’t really matter, even if he isn’t, he’s got the moves. Quickly enough you will be prevented from moving and attacking by his shotgun pellets. Additionally, you will know how fast and daring a hunter is supposed to be. Even in his initial stage he moves a lot and attacks with an uncanny confidence. If you emulate his moves you’ll be a lot closer to what Bloodborne expects from you in order to avoid death.

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