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Check Out Bloodborne's Next Hit PvP Style, Naked Duels


Check Out Bloodborne's Next Hit PvP Style, Naked Duels

There can only be ONE!

The city of Yharnam is one that attracts all kinds of characters – hunters, beasts, and eldritch horrors alike. In a way, the Bloodborne community emulates this – the fan base it has amassed has its share of wildly creative, tenacious, and eccentric gamers. In this past weeks, we’ve seen players test and bend the boundaries and norms of the game. Case in point, the exploits of a YouTuber by the name of Kite Nordenskiold have create an over the top, fun way to liven up Bloodborne’s multiplayer and PvP gameplay.

How, you may ask? By challenging enemies to engage in a respectable, honorable duel among two civilized gentlemen. Civilized, naked, gentlemen, mind you. Basically, Kite Nordenskiold has turned Bloodborne into a spectacle of over-the-top, silly, B-rated martial art homages after posting a recording of this fateful encounter.

Bloodborne naked duel pvp

At the start of the video, it seems like a normal PvP battle is playing out. However, at 2:45, Kite Nordenskiold proceeds to halt the battle and remove all of his weapons and armor, leaving his character standing right out in the open in his boxers. He promptly challenges his opponent to a gentleman’s duel.

At this point, Nordenskiold is taking a major risk. If the opposing player wanted to, he/she could have taken advantage of the situation and massacred Nordenskiold where he stood. However, this opponent showed that he/she was a warrior of honor and respect, proceeding to strip naked as well. What follows is an extremely amusing hand-to-hand fight of two men in boxer briefs, karate chopping each other’s flesh, drawing sprays of blood left and right, and dodging and rolling in an epic dance of death.

Furthermore, what makes the video all the more amusing is that, essentially, neither competitor can actually kill the other. Unfortunately, there’s no system in place in Bloodborne to level up or scale up the damage dealt if you are using your fists as your default weapon. Thus, when facing high level monsters or bosses (let alone another players), fists inflict a minuscule amount of damage. Thus, a battle such as this would easily take hours to resolve, perhaps even more so if health potions are involved.

In the end, the match ended in a draw. Kite Nordenskiold expressed his gratitude in meeting such a warrior of equal esteem and respect, by leaving in the YouTube description these words: “I love you, whoever you are.” 

So, ladies and gents, get out there and have yourself a good ol’ naked fight! It’s the honorable thing to do!

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