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Bloodborne: How to Get the True Ending

true ending bloodborne

Bloodborne: How to Get the True Ending

Bloodborne is a game full of secrets. Armor, and weapons are scattered about. Story tidbits are hidden throughout various conversations and notes laying around the city of Yharnam and its surrounding areas. Heck, there are even secret bosses hidden throughout the campaign that take a bit of extra detective work in order to find and, if you’re brave enough, face. But, one of Bloodborne‘s biggest secrets is its hidden ending, claimed by many fans to be the true ending to the tale. Here’s how to get the true ending in Bloodborne.

How to Get the True Ending in Bloodborne

Getting this secret true ending requires you to follow a few steps, one of them being fairly complicated. No worries there though, because we’ve got everything covered for you. The only thing required of you, or your hunter, is the ability to survive a few tough fights. After that you’ll be all set, and ready to watch the true ending’s cutscene roll.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is acquire three One Third of Umbilical Cord items. There are four in total, with one being guaranteed as part of the story. Pick whichever two you deem easier out of the remaining three. You can find a detailed guide to the One Third of Umbilical Cord locations here.

Once you collect them, hold onto them as you’ll need them for the true ending.  Progress through the story as normal until you reach end game. Before the “final” fight, the workshop located in Hunter’s Dream will be ablaze, and the doll will tell you that Gherman is waiting for you. When she tells you this, immediately consume the three One Third of Umbilical Cord items.

Now head down the walkway in order to talk to Gherman. He will present you a proposition along with two options; choose Refuse. This will trigger a fight against Gherman, the First Hunter who is a rather formidable foe. Defeat him and a cutscene will play.

Since you consumed the entire umbilical cord, things will play out differently than they normally would, and a new boss fight will be triggered. You will now have to fight and defeat the Moon Presence, which is the secret end-game boss for the true ending. This may take a few tries, but it is a much easier fight than that with Gherman. You can check out a guide to the Moon Presence boss fight here.

Once you finally defeat the Moon Presence, Bloodborne‘s hidden true ending will play, and you will get a glimpse at the nightmare’s origin.

So what do you think about this true ending? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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