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Bloodborne: How to Complete Patches the Spider’s NPC Quest Line


Bloodborne: How to Complete Patches the Spider’s NPC Quest Line

The lying backstabber is back.

As all fans of the Souls series would know, Patches is a recurring NPC who makes an appearance in every game, save for Dark Souls 2. Patches would appear to be a helpful NPC that promises you treasure, but later revealed to be nothing more than a traitorous backstabber. For better or worse, Patches makes an appearance in Bloodborne as well, and here’s how to find him.

In Bloodborne, this recurring NPC appears as Patches the Spider. You can first encounter him after defeating Vicar Amelia at the Grand Cathedral. After defeating her, simply go to any red lantern house in either the Forbidden Woods or the Hemwick Charnel Lane and you should hear his voice through the door. He’ll hand over an odd-looking Tonsil Stone and tell you to head over the right side of the Grand Cathedral. Apparently, there’s something grand to be found there. Exiting the area and returning after getting the Tonsil Stone will cause Patches to disappear and the original inhabitants of whichever red lantern house you visited will return.

Following Patches’ instructions, head to the right side of the Grand Cathedral, dispatch the two hunter enemies, and a Lesser Amygdala will soon grab you. This will transport you to the Nightmare Lecture Building. From your starting point, exit the room with the lamp and head over to the door right opposite you. You’ll find a pale face staring at you through the window – this is Patches, the sneaky bastard. We’ll catch him later.


When you’re out in the Nightmare Frontier, you’ll find a small winding path with an item near the edge of the cliff. There will also be sparkling coins littered all over the path and that’s how you’ll know you’re at the right area. This part is completely optional but if you choose to head over for the item, a short cutscene will trigger where an unknown assailant pushes you down into a poisonous pit from behind. If you look up quickly, you’ll see a silhouette of a spider scurrying away after telling you not to dawdle.

After defeating Amygdala and clearing the Nightmare Frontier, continue with the main story until you defeat The One Reborn. Examining the mummy with the Mensis Cage in the room past the boss area will transport you to the second floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building. At the far corner of the second floor, right next to the large door that will lead you into the Nightmare of Mensis, you should see a large giant with flaming hands in the corner. Take him out quickly and enter the small door in that same corner. You’ll find a ladder that leads you back down to the first floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building, and into the room where Patches the Spider has been hiding this whole time.

Sneak up to him from behind and he’ll get startled and scurry onto the table before talking to you properly. When presented with two dialogue options, make sure to choose “Not at all” so that you can get the ‘Beg For Life’ gesture and a pretty good Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune. This rune will boost your maximum stamina by 15%. After you’ve collected the gesture and the rune, exhaust his dialogue options to learn a little bit more about Amygdala. After that, you can kill him to gain blood echoes and search his corpse for a Great One’s Wisdom, which gives you two Insight points.

And there you have it. That’s Patches’ role in Bloodborne. Of course, you could choose to spare his life when you meet him face-to-face. But come on, it’s Patches. We all know he’s a liar.

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