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Bloodborne Guide: How to Complete Eileen the Crow’s NPC Quest Line


Bloodborne Guide: How to Complete Eileen the Crow’s NPC Quest Line

Become a Hunter of Hunters.

Eileen the Crow is one of the few friendly faces you’ll find in Bloodborne, and she also happens to be one of the best-dressed NPCs in the game. Just look at that crow outfit. It looks sick. As there’s been some confusion with regards to how to properly complete her quest line, here are the steps you can take to ensure that you see her story through to the end and snag up any items she has to offer.

First, you’ll have to actually meet Eileen the Crow. You can first encounter her on a rooftop that can be accessed via the rafters above the sewers in Central Yharnam. From the Central Yharnam lamp, take the left path and head to where the caged up dogs are. From here, cross the bridge to the rafters, but instead of heading down the stairs where you’ll encounter a lone werewolf man, look to the right and smash the barrels to reveal a hidden doorway. Head through this doorway and start smashing the barrels on the right side. You’ll eventually find a hole that leads you to Eileen the Crow.

Once here, speak to her until you exhaust all her dialogue options. She will hand over some Bold Hunter’s Marks and the ‘Shake Off Cape’ gesture.

The next time you can encounter her will be after your fight with Father Gascoigne. After unlocking the Cathedral Ward lamp, purchase the Hunter’s Chief Emblem from the Messenger Bath for 10,000 blood echoes. This will allow you to open the gate that sits at the top of the stairs – you’ll pass by two graveyard keepers and an axe-wielding giant as you make your way up. Here, you have to unlock two shortcuts that allow you to loop back to the Cathedral Ward. The first gate you have to unlock is the one that’s guarded by another two graveyard keepers atop some stairs. And the second gate is the one that leads you to a big rotunda area with two axe-wielding giants patrolling it.

After you’ve unlocked these gates, head back to where you previously fought Father Gascoigne. You should see Eileen the Crow engaged in a fight with Henryk the Hunter. Make sure to assist her in this fight, as it is possible for Eileen to die here. After killing the hunter, talk to Eileen and exhaust all her dialogue options again. She’ll give you more information about the encounter, as well as the ‘Approval’ gesture.

Next, all you have to do is progress with the main story until you’ve beaten Rom, The Vacuous Spider. At this point in time, head back to Hunter’s Dream and you’ll notice that the Grand Cathedral lamp (where you fought Vicar Amelia) will not be active. That’s where you’re headed next.

Warp to the Cathedral Ward lamp, go straight, up the steps with two graveyard keepers, and through the gate you unlocked previously. Continue up the next flight of stairs, past a graveyard keeper holding a scythe, turn right, and you should see Eileen the Crow sitting outside the Grand Cathedral, wounded. Again, talk to her and she will reveal that there’s a strong hunter lying in wait inside the Grand Cathedral.

After speaking with her, head inside the Grand Cathedral and prepare for one of the hardest hunter NPC fights in Bloodborne. It is imperative that you steer clear of his gunshots, because those can eat away at your health bar extremely quickly. What you want to do is parry his attacks whenever you can and go for visceral attacks. Mashing R1 recklessly will give him tons of opportunities to parry you, and his visceral attacks will take away most, if not all, of your health.

The Old Hunter’s Bone you found at the Abandoned Old Workshop will help with your speed, if you need that extra leg up, but do note that it consumes 6 Quicksilver Bullets. This is easily remedied by using Blood Bullets when you run out, but make sure you bring in full Blood Vials for this fight.

After you’ve killed the hunter, head back outside and talk to Eileen the Crow. She will hand over a nifty little rune that boosts your stamina recovery rate, as well as the Crow Hunter Badge. Completing her quest line will offer you the chance to join her Hunter of Hunters covenant. The Crow Hunter Badge also allows you to purchase the badass Crowfeather Garb and her Blade of Mercy from the Messenger Bath.

And that’s it. Just make sure you always look for Eileen the Crow at your earliest opportunity and exhaust all her dialogue options each time you see her. As long as you meet up with her those first two times, you should have no problem completing her quest line.

For more guides, tips, tricks, or advice feel free to check out Twinfinite’s Bloodborne wiki.

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